I GOT INTO A FENDER BENDER YESTERDAY. i'm pulling out of the parking lot to get korean fried chicken! and i'm in the center of the road switching gears 2 pull off. AND THE LADY IN THE PARKING SPOT BACKED DIRECTLY INTO ME W/O LOOKING IN HER MIRRORS!!! how are u like late forties and been driving for decades atp and back into a higschooler. and it wasn't even her car so she didn't have insurance which is wild. fortunately, i'm fine and i'm pretty sure my car is fine, save for minor scratches. and more importantly i got my chicken and edamame and ramen. i'm just kinda miffed that she didn't look before driving but whatever. i have to take my car to get all the tuneups anyway so if there's any damage hopefully they fix it? i hope i don't get into any more accidents though. i've been meaning to get a dashcam so i guess i need to up the priority on that
angel with a balloon
happy birthday to me
i feel the same as i did when i was younger like i do every single year. my friends and my bf got me cool things which i am very grateful for.
been fighting a cold my brother gave me all week. was pretty dead on monday and a lot better on tuesday, but now my only symptom is my nose running like a faucet and it's really annoying. i have to keep getting up out of class to blow my nose bc not all the teachers have kleenex or smth in their rooms and i feel a little bad about that since i'll have to go back and ask questions. yk how they say in the tissue ad "a nose in need deserves puffs indeed"? my nose is completely dying i need lotion tissue or something i certainly missed some things in cyber today but i think overall it'll be ok. i spent most of my free time in class today reformatting my old laptop for another os again. i've done it about 4 times before, two of those times i tried to install arch linux but the first time i forgot a desktop environment and the second time i forgot all the wifi drivers??? so i just gave up installed mint today and it seems alright. i've been trying to change the theme to catppucin bc i really like it but i'm having a hard time figuring out how to do that. no clue yet if i'll go back to trying to install windows 7. i have to remember that anything i try to do on this laptop will be kinda bad anyways since i only have 2gb of ram.
while i was at my brother's school his res director gave me three videogame consoles for free!!!! this is super helpful to my console collection :) he gave me a nintendo 64, a gamecube, and a playstation 1! now i'm only missing two sony and nintendo home consoles. none of them had any cables or controllers (although the gamecube did come with metroid prime and a memory card) so i'll have to go out and buy all of the required peripherals. i'm not too worried though, bc imo that's a lot easier than finding the console itself! i also went camping with my girl scout troop and we stayed overnight at the zoo. it was overall pretty cool! everyone says the animals made a lot of noise but i think i was sleeping too deep to hear it we then went into the woods for more camping and after driving around for half an hour we found our campsite. that was less fun bc i get irritated after being out without a shower and a normal bed for a while but overall it was not entirely terrible. i had french toast sunday afternoon so once i add that entry to the google doc i'll migrate my french toast blog onto the site. it tasted really good :)