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angel's landing
hello and welcome to angel's landing
this site is full of things i'm interested in. it's a safe space i've created for myself to discuss what i want without worry. everything here is coded by hand by yours truly! i'm excited to fully customize a space to express myself, and hide easter eggs in the code. this site is constantly recieving updates, so check back to see what's new every once-in-a-while. enjoy your stay!

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update log
5/17 - finally added a music player. it kinda borked the alignment thing i had going on but i'll fix it later :p

5/8 - thanks for 50k views on my site! i'm excited so many people stopped by. sorry there aren't many updates in this section, i haven't been making large changes worth noting recently! i do have some bigger things in the works i am excited to share with you as soon as i'm done :)

4/9 - added the site history page! see how this site looked in the past :)

3/25 - finally made an oc page for cake! will be expanded upon later but some basic info about it is shared there ^^

3/19 - to-do section, added about page sections

3/18 - new page not found art, diary update

3/12 - added web cliques, button update

3/5 - new bookmarks section, sotm update, about update

1/11 - added art to the art page!

1/9 - joined dsring

1/1 - updated the sonic symphony blog post!

^ 2024 ^

12/31 - added an art page (that has yet to be filled w last year's art but we'll get around to that

12/16 - a bunch of minor stuff building up since last update! mostly various fixes/updates but i did add a sitemap!

11/22 - added music to the front page! made the shrines page more dynamic, fixed the webring alignment, added new art, and other minor updates

11/16 - COOL BIRTHDAY UPDATE! i bought myself neos supporter so i'm working on music to add + i learned position: absolute so slowly adding more deco as well! additionally we have the typical general minor updates around the site :)

11/15 - diary, music, and about shelf updated!

11/14 - my own songs added to the music page!

11/5-11? - added one of many future hand-drawn graphics :3

10/27 - music page added! all site images have been compressed to a reasonable size and stylesheet file order has been changed.

10/19 - comments added to the homepage! moved the stats to the about page

10/13 - new diary page added!

10/10 - huge about page upgrade! i'll be changing the main text in a bit but there's more info now :)

9/28 - bookmarks update and adding some graphics + cursors to spice up the site :)

9/14 - bookmarks page created!

9/6 - finally started working on the shrines woooo

8/18 - mostly some backend things, commenting and reworking my css system. but the about page has a bit of an upgrade as well, as well as a new blog entry!

8/10 - official blog is live! new entries will be added periodically, i have some in my google drive waiting for formatting

7/25 - placeholder about is live

7/11 - welcome to angel's landing v1! official release for the revamped index (previously known as cape's cove)
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